Deluge Valves

Series FDV10 Deluge Valves ... Superb design & maximum benefits!

The series FDV10 Deluge Valves are operated by the pressure of the pipeline and are used for various control applications in water supply such as firefighting. The only moving component is a reinforced diaphragm, which seals the liquid passage in the closed valve drip tight, allows free passage in the fully open valve with minimal obstruction to the flow line and trottles the flow passage in the modulating valve, as dictated by the pressure in the control chamber. The valve can be closed or modulated using the line pressure or an external separate pressure source that is equal or higher than the line pressure. Fluid Equipment Int. Ltd. series FDV10 Deluge Valves are made for easy, inline maintenance, executed also by unskilled personal using basic tools. There are no shafts, bearings or seals that may corrode and there is no wear and tear by dirty abrasive water or chemicals. The series FDV10 features :

  • Structural simplicity
  • Superb design featering exceptionally low pressyre losses at high flow rates
  • Max. WP up to 375 psi / 26 bar
  • Copper trim tubing and fitting
  • Can be used for regulating from no-flow to maximal flow
  • Wide selection of materials, coating and diaphragm types
  • Wide variety of control applications

Series FX Deluge Valves ... Superb design & maximum benefits!

The FLUID Model FX is a quick opening differential diaphragm deluge valve with one moving part. The valve is held closed by the system water pressure in the priming chamber, there by rendering the upstream system piping dry. During fire or test conditions, when the releasing system operates pressure is released from the priming chamber allowing the valve to open and to start the flow of water. Available in sizes 1 1/2" and 2" only, applicable for vertical/horizontal installations with pressures no higher than 250 psi / 17.25 bar. For operation by dry pilot line, manually, electrically or wet pilot line of sprinklers. The series FX features :

  • Structural simplicity
  • Manual reset - optional automatic reset
  • Copper trim tubing and fitting, and plated brass accessories including 2-way solenoid valve for electrical trim only, strainer and emergency manual release.
  • Diaphragm sealing weir type valve with proven reliable design
  • Unobstructed flow path with no stem guide or supporting ribs
  • Valve actuation shall be accomplished by a fully peripherally supported, one-piece flexible diaphragm
  • Diaphragm assembly is the only moving part
  • Comes with removable cover for quick in-line service, enabling all necessary inspection and servicing
  • Trim supplied, pre-assembled and hydraulically tested at factory

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